Dryland Training


O’Neill Conditioning offers elite dryland training for hockey players of all levels aspiring to reach a specific performance goal. We specialize in  forward, defence and goalie preparedness programs including off-ice fitness assessments with professional trainers. 

Our 6 week  program introduces athletes to Yoga for Hockey , Pilates and meal planning for weight gain or loss. Improved balance training and core conditioning will be introduced weekly.

Next 6 week Dryland Training 2016:  Sept 20th – Oct 25th

Tues  7pm and 8:15p

  Thurs  8:15pm

Cost: $12:50 per session. 8 participants max

Personalized short and long term goals are tracked on a 90 day planning log and updated weekly as each athlete adapts to thier weight gain or weight loss. Daily food logs with Calorie count tracking are essential to build strong athletic performance.

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