Personal Training

O’Neill Conditioning offers expert personal training, small group training and sport specific training. Our programs focus on your goals as well as weight loss or weight gain, balance and core training, and athletic preparation. We make use of equipment such as balance and wobble boards, banding and tubing to develop core stabilization and range of motion strengthening. Our facility also offers team training for hockey, soccer and softball.

 Travis Nagata

O’Neill Conditioning provides athletes with sports conditioning assessments, ongoing athletic training and athletic rehabilitation programs. The O’Neill team consists of highly trained, professional sports conditioning specialists. Our elite hockey programs, led by dedicated instructors and coaches, are designed to challenge participants to achieve a higher level of performance.

We provide athlete baseline testing for WHL, BCHL, rep, and university players. All testing is done by a Certified Fitness Consultant registered with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. This includes windgate testing, nutritional consultations, personalized workout programs, and yoga and pilates introduction. We also provide university entrance videos. Off-ice testing is done by Mark O’Neill and Tracey Warren.


Individual Personal Training Pack:

1 session @ $55.00 per hour/10 sessions $500.00

Semi-Private Personal Training Pack:

10 sessions @ $30.00 per hour each

Team Training:


To register, please call Mark at 604-328-3591.